Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bluenose Dime

I made this a few years ago for my husband. He was born in Nova Scotia and hadn't been back there for 32 years. I had never been there. Living almost 5000 miles away we always talked about going there but hadn't in all the years we were married. I gave this cross stitch to him along with tickets for both of us to go to Nova Scotia. I really enjoying seeing the places where he grew up and loved it there. Would not want to live there in the winter because they get colder and have more snow than we do. Would love to have enough money to live part time in B.C and part time in NS. We are hoping to go back there in a few years.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Thanks for welcoming me to Pink Saturday and I was happily surprised at all the responses. I visted everyone who visted me. This week we are suppose to post a blog that we visited. Collecting in Texas Gal blog http://collectintexasgal.blogspot.com/ reminded me of the past of wearing Easter bonnets and gloves. Another blog I loved reading was Memes http://livinatmemescorner.blogspot.com She was left a rude comments and she handled it with grace and dignity, very impressive.

I'm still in Easter mode. I have cross stitched for every holiday except Easter so I decided to stitch some bunnies. I got this pattern from Alexandrina's blog

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This is a picture of my grandson Quinn, who is 9 and in grade 4. The teacher decided they were going to knit scarves. My grandson and other boys tried but couldn't master knitting. The teacher mostly gave up on the project. My grandson wanted a scarf and asked me if I could knit. I have rarely knitted and only do the basic stitches. So one afternoon while Quinn was visting I knitted the scarf. Quinn was playing games but kept checking on how I was doing. I really didn't think he would wear it that much but he has and he wants me to knit him another one. I'm going to make him one next winter and probably one for Christmas. He was so happy and pleased with the scarf that he wore it in the classroom all day and made good use of it through the winter. Right now we are having a cold spell and he is wearing it again. In the first picture is how he usually wears it wrapped a few time around his neck. I'm glad that Quinn still gets so excited about the little things in life.