Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bluenose Dime

I made this a few years ago for my husband. He was born in Nova Scotia and hadn't been back there for 32 years. I had never been there. Living almost 5000 miles away we always talked about going there but hadn't in all the years we were married. I gave this cross stitch to him along with tickets for both of us to go to Nova Scotia. I really enjoying seeing the places where he grew up and loved it there. Would not want to live there in the winter because they get colder and have more snow than we do. Would love to have enough money to live part time in B.C and part time in NS. We are hoping to go back there in a few years.


  1. This is a lovely piece of work - I bet he was thrilled with it. kind regards, Shirley

  2. I think I'm too early for your Pink Saturday Post. I'm not going to be around tomorrow but I'll be sure to come back on Sunday. Happy early Pink Saturday. By the way, hope you're feeling better.