Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mr. Tickle

I made Mr. Tickle for my grandson's 10th birthday which is coming up on May 5. He isn't having his party until May 8 and he will be having an astronomy party and a sleepover. They will be going up a ski mountain to a site where they are eventually going to build an observatory to look at the planets and stars etc. It is nice and dark there so they can see so much better when there. Quinn is the youngest one in the astronomy club and it amazes me at how much he knows, he is educating me lol. I also made a star card for his birthday.


  1. What a cute cute gift you made for your grandson as well as the card. Happy Birthday to him.

  2. Im sure he will appreciate these lovely gifts. Sounds like his birthday will be great fun. All the best, Shirley

  3. The gift and card you made for your grandson are so lovely. Happy birthday to him.